building a home addition - what you should knowbuilding a home addition - what you should know

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building a home addition - what you should know

When building an addition to an existing home, many things can go wrong. If you don't know what you are doing, the addition may not be structurally sound, it may leak water and the electrical system could put the entire home at risk of a fire. When I added two bedrooms to the back of my house, I thought that it was going to be an easy project that could be completed in no time. Little did I know that there is a lot of planning that goes into this type of project. This blog will show you what you need to know before you begin building an addition.


The Three Important Steps To Mold Testing

Testing for mold growth in your home is highly important. There are a few situations in which you will want to call in an expert to perform this task. This includes before you move into a new home, before you sell your home, and after your home has suffered from major water damage. You should also consider calling in an expert for mold testing if you believe that anyone in your family is suffering from symptoms of exposure to mold. Once you bring in the experts, they will do the following:

Search for Visible Signs of Mold:

Professionals who work with mold testing know what mold looks like right away. Many homeowners are not able to see this because they do not have the knowledge of what all types of mold growth look like. The professionals will lift the carpeting to check for signs of mold growth, look in the vents and near the pipes in your home, and take samples of paint from the walls, as well. If they are able to find visible signs of mold, this is the easiest way to diagnose the problem and know where the source of the mold growth is coming from. 

Test the Samples: 

If visible signs of mold growth are found, then samples will be taken to determine what type of mold is present in your home. Since this needs to be conducted in a lab, it can take a while before a conclusion for treatment is decided. During this time, it's best for your family's health to either stay in a hotel or with a friend or family member until the mold issue is resolved. Not all mold is the same, which is why this step is important. It will determine if your family needs health treatment for being exposed to any kind of dangerous mold growth or if the mold growth is unharmful and can safely be removed from your home. 

Test the Air Particles: 

If visible signs of mold growth are not present, the professionals will take samples of the air particles in the home. This will capture any mold spores that are traveling in the air. This is important because it will ensure that the professionals discover whether or not your home is exposed to mold, and they will be able to strip your home in order to find the source. They will also be able to determine what type of mold growth is present in your home based on the mold spores, as well. 

When you know the three important steps to mold testing, you can see why it's best to hire professionals for inspection since they know how to test for all signs of mold being present in your home. If you perform the inspection yourself, you may find mold, but you may not know if it's dangerous or what should be done about it. 

For more information, contact ALL AMERICAN INSPECTIONS, LLC or a similar company.