building a home addition - what you should knowbuilding a home addition - what you should know

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building a home addition - what you should know

When building an addition to an existing home, many things can go wrong. If you don't know what you are doing, the addition may not be structurally sound, it may leak water and the electrical system could put the entire home at risk of a fire. When I added two bedrooms to the back of my house, I thought that it was going to be an easy project that could be completed in no time. Little did I know that there is a lot of planning that goes into this type of project. This blog will show you what you need to know before you begin building an addition.


How Chimney Cleaning Services Protect Your Home During The Cleaning Process

For many people, the term "chimney sweep" brings to mind something out of Dickens or Disney, with soot-covered workers and lots of dust -- or it brings to mind accidental releases of powdery black soot into a living room. These are not what reality is like. There is a lot of dust involved in cleaning out a chimney, but cleaning services take pains to keep your home tidy and to contain the creosote and soot that have built up inside the chimney.

Structural Inspections

First, the company has to inspect the chimney physically. The workers need to be sure there are no problems forming that could create a physical hazard to anyone working with the chimney. So, if the workers start the cleaning process after the inspection, you should be confident that your chimney does not need repairs. If anything is wrong, the workers will say something.

Protection Inside the Home

Then the workers have to protect your home. Most will lay down drop cloths or rags around the opening to the fireplace. Others will also enclose the fireplace opening with a container that allows a vacuum hose to be inserted into the fireplace opening. As the company cleans the fireplace, the vacuum picks up any fallen soot.

HEPA Filters

Once the front of your fireplace area is secured, all chimney-cleaning companies have to go up to the roof and start cleaning inside the chimney from the top. These vacuums may have HEPA filters that catch any soot removed by the cleaners. So, those are three different strategies that chimney sweeps use to keep your home clean and to prevent a sudden cloud of soot in your living room; these cleaners are serious about keeping everything tidy.

Post-Work Cleaning

Once the chimney is clean and the dropcloths have been picked up, the company should do a final once-over cleaning to ensure they don't leave bits of soot behind. Because the dusty black gunk can really leave a mark on carpets and furnishings, good chimney cleaners do not want anything left behind that could mar how the room looks.

You can get a rundown of a company's procedure when you call them to discuss pricing and appointments. Don't be afraid to ask for details -- do they vacuum or sweep? Wipe down mantels and floors? -- and to find companies that use a lot of steps to keep your place clean. You'll be thankful afterward.

To learn more, contact companies like Mercer County Chimney Services today.