building a home addition - what you should knowbuilding a home addition - what you should know

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building a home addition - what you should know

When building an addition to an existing home, many things can go wrong. If you don't know what you are doing, the addition may not be structurally sound, it may leak water and the electrical system could put the entire home at risk of a fire. When I added two bedrooms to the back of my house, I thought that it was going to be an easy project that could be completed in no time. Little did I know that there is a lot of planning that goes into this type of project. This blog will show you what you need to know before you begin building an addition.


Metal, Spray-On, And Shingle Roofing Information

When looking for the next roof for your home, you should learn about some different types available and then choose the one that is going to work out the best for your situation. The information here will cover metal, spray-on, and shingle roofs. These are three different types of residential roofs that each bring their own unique features. Here is some information on these three popular roofing types: 

Information on metal roofs

Metal roofing is durable, and it comes with its own advantages. You can get the look of a shingle, shake, slate, tile, and other types of roofs while choosing to go with metal. This gives you the look of any roof you want while enjoying the benefits of metal. Some things that make metal a popular choice with many homeowners are that metal is waterproof, fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and it helps reflect the sun from the home, thus making it energy efficient. Some people like the sound of the rain hitting on the metal roof and find it to be relaxing. However, those who don't want that sound can have a quieter metal roof installed with the use of the right insulation. 

Information on spray-on roofs

Spray-on roofs have been becoming more popular for a while. They were thought of more as a commercial roofing material in the past, and they are excellent for that as well. However, more homeowners are recognizing just how great this type of roof is. A spray-on roof is easy to install because it is sprayed right onto the prepared surface, where it then self-levels. When it is sprayed on, it also goes around areas where other roofs use flashing. Since flashing often becomes a point of leaks, this roofing option helps prevent this issue in the future. This roof style is waterproof, pest-resistant, and it is one of the easier roofs to maintain and repair. 

Information on shingle roofs

Shingle roofs are extremely common in some parts of the country. However, they do well in many climates, so they would make a good choice in hot, cold, dry, and wet regions. Shingle roofs are preferred by many homeowners because of their look, as well as their lower price tag when compared to some of the other types of roofs on the market. Shingles come in many styles and colors, helping them to look nice on homes of many types and styles.

For more information about roofing, contact a contractor.