building a home addition - what you should knowbuilding a home addition - what you should know

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building a home addition - what you should know

When building an addition to an existing home, many things can go wrong. If you don't know what you are doing, the addition may not be structurally sound, it may leak water and the electrical system could put the entire home at risk of a fire. When I added two bedrooms to the back of my house, I thought that it was going to be an easy project that could be completed in no time. Little did I know that there is a lot of planning that goes into this type of project. This blog will show you what you need to know before you begin building an addition.


Commercial Exterior Painting: 4 Artistic Paint Designs You Should Consider

Painting the exterior of a commercial building can be a daunting task, but one that yields aesthetically pleasing results. With modern technology and paint products, there are many ways to create unique designs that will turn heads and add value to your property.

By getting creative with colors, you can create an inviting atmosphere and make a statement without any extra construction work or remodeling. Here are four artistic paint designs to help you achieve the statement look you want for your commercial exterior.

Stylized Stripes

Stripes can create a unique and modern look, with different colors being used to differentiate sections of the building. Alternating between two or more colors, depending on how bold you want your statement to be, can create a dynamic façade.

You can use stripes to draw attention to certain areas by highlighting them or creating an eye-catching contrast with the neutral background color. These stripes also provide an opportunity for you to add more colors to your design without being overwhelming.

Horizontal & Vertical Blocks

Adding horizontal or vertical blocks to create a pattern can create an interesting façade. You can use the same two colors as you would in stripes or mix it up by adding more colors to give the design more depth.

The colors of these blocks should be contrasting enough to make them stand out but not too jarring that they take away from the overall look. This modern design can add visual interest to your building while maintaining a cohesive style.

Geometric Shapes

The use of geometric shapes in building design is a trend that's been around for centuries. This timeless approach to façade design can give your building an interesting look and draw attention to certain areas.

Geometric shapes can help create patterns, highlight specific features, or even add dimension to the overall design. The use of these shapes also provides you with an opportunity to play around with different colors and create a unique look that will make your building stand out.

Paint Mural

If you want to make an impact, consider painting a mural on one wall of your commercial building. You could create this with traditional paint or even vinyl if you prefer not to have brush strokes showing up in the mural.

It could be either a more abstract design or something that is much more concrete, such as painting a business logo on the wall. Either way, having a unique element on your commercial building can make it stand out from the rest of the buildings in the area.

When it comes to designing a commercial building façade, there are plenty of creative options to explore. Whether you go with stripes, blocks, geometric shapes, or a paint mural, adding visual interest can help make your building stand out. For more information on commercial exterior painting, contact a company near you.